How to Reactivate an Inactive NHIF Account

How to register for NHIF online

How to Reactivate an Inactive NHIF Account

NHIF registration is mandatory for every civil servant in Kenya.

This is because NHIF insurance cover is essential for the achievement of universal healthcare in the country.

The insurance programme is equally important for self-employed individuals who can be able to register for NHIF and pay the monthly membership fees.

However, failure to pay the required monthly contributions can result in fines or the deactivation of your NHIF account.

An account that has overstayed without payment can be deactivated, or it simply becomes dormant.

To reactivate it, you will be required to pay KES 1500 through M-Pesa or by paying the amount in cash at any NHIF office.

You need to visit any branch office in the country to reactivate your inactive or dormant NHIF account.

However, you will be required to wait for two months before using your card because it will still remain dormant within that period.

Your NHIF account will be fully reactivated after such period has passed.

After they reactivate an inactive NHIF account, you can start using it in a normal way.

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