Advantages and disadvantages of adapting to changes in technology within the military

Military Forces, be they air, sea, or land-based, have to constantly adapt to changes in technology. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Information technology is considered as a key component of a strong military power such as that of United States. Changing technology affects the operations of military forces in great capacities. One of the notable changes in technology within the military sector is the changes in basic propulsion systems and designs for military ships, aircraft and internal combustion vehicles. The weapons used by most military forces such as bombers have not changed significantly over time. For example, US Navy still uses U.S. Navy destroyer developed about 100 years ago. The US air force also uses the same B-52H bombers built in 1962. However, ordnance, targeting, surveillance and communications technologies have been changing significantly.

Adapting to such changes in technology has several advantages for military. First, the changes make military systems and weapons more potent. This enables the military to command great power against its enemies. For instance, changes in the surveillance and communications technologies after the September eleventh bomb blast in USA has increased the power of its military system. This has become a great advantage for America because it has maintained its strong military power, and is still considered world’s superpower. Information technology increases conventional military supremacy in and, air, sea and space.

Adapting to changes in technology also enables the military to develop good strategies. For instance, if technology changes in favour of offense, the military may adopt an offensive strategy in order to win in wars. In the same manner, a change of technology in favour of defense will lead the military to develop defensive strategies. Adapting to changes in technology also enables the military to counter military threats and neutralize the advantages that enemies enjoy. Adapting to changing technologies also enables the military to widen their military options in terms of policy making. It also boosts the ability of intelligence groups to assess dangers, collect, and use information about the adversary for the benefit of the military.

One disadvantage of adapting to changing technologies is that it makes a nation-state to be vulnerable to insurgents and terrorists. When a country adopts a new technology, it is considered by gangs and vicious groups as a threat to them. Therefore, they react by attacking the military that uses changing technologies. Another disadvantage of adapting to changing technologies is that it requires a lot of financial capital and resources to adapt to changing technologies. For instance, the US uses a lot of dollars in its military operations in order to adapt to the changing technological needs of the military.

In conclusion, it is clear that changing technologies affect various military groups. as a result, military groups should adapt to the changing technologies. This has resulted in both advantages and disadvantages. Adapting to changing technologies may enhance the supremacy and power of military groups, but may also lead to vulnerability to insurgence and terrorists who consider the adaptation to changing technologies as a threat to them. However, adapting changing technologies is generally advantageous because it is a good strategic tool that keeps the military focused on important mechanisms of winning in wars and maintaining power.

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