Best Human Resource Practices for Multinational Corporations: Tesco PLC Case Study


The purpose of this research is to explore the best human resource management practices in multinational corporation. This will involve the review of existing theories of human resource management and a case study of Tesco PLC. At Tesco, there are various areas and mechanisms through which the HR team can perform its tasks in order to enable employees work effectively in achieving the organization’s overall objectives. HR department of the organization needs to adopt appropriate recruitment and selection processes in order to attract and develop the best personnel who can lead the organization to achieve its objectives. The Human Resource Management should also develop necessary leadership and motivation styles in order to develop the capabilities, skills and experience of workers. Good leadership and motivation styles will also enhance employee commitment and engagement in the organization; hence improving their performance and that of the overall organization. Teamwork will also be an essential part of the company’s human resource management. Furthermore, the company needs to develop appropriate performance management measures to ensure that the performance of employees is measured and monitored so that they will always be kept in line with the goals and strategic needs and objectives of the organization. This report will highlight various measures, mechanisms and steps to be taken by the HR department of Tesco in order to ensure that the above areas are addressed effectively.

This research will include an introduction to the organization’s Human Resource Management practices. The purpose of the report and the importance of maintaining the current team ethos of the organization will be explained. It will also define an effective selection process for the new position of a baker, including ethical and legal issues associated with the selection process. This will be enhanced by  the use of job description and person specification. The next part will involve an explanation of the skills needed by the management team to manage new and existing employees effectively, including motivation approaches to be used – leadership and motivation. The paper will then highlight the skills required of team members and team leaders in a teamwork exercise or a group. Finally, the report will provide a performance management proposal that will enable maintenance of a company standards and building of an effective team of workers/employees.

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