Business Plan Module II Diploma KNEC Notes

Business Plan

Introduction to the Module Unit

Business Plan is a unit offered to diploma students in business related courses to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to prepare a business plan.

General Objectives

By the end of this module unit, the learner should be able to:

  • Prepare a background information necessary to start a successful business
  • Scan the market environment of a business
  • Recognize the roles played by organisation and management plan in a business plan
  • Recognize the role of an operational plan in a business plan
  • Prepare financial projections
  • Prepare a workable business plan

Sample of a Business Plan (Example)

Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Introduction to Business Planning

1.1. Meaning of a Business Plan

1.2. Purpose of a Business Plan

1.3. Features of a Business Plan

1.4. Guidelines for Developing an Effective Business Plan

Topic 2: Business Description

2.1. Business Name

2.2. Business Location

2.3. Form of Business Ownership

2.4. Products/Services

2.5. Justification of the opportunity

2.6. The Industry

2.7. Business Goals and Objectives

2.8. Entry and Growth Strategy

2.9. SWOT Analysis

Topic 3: Marketing Plan

3.1. Customer identification

3.2. Competitor analysis

3.3. Market share

3.4. Promotion

3.5. Pricing strategy

3.6. Sales target

3.7. Sales tactics

3.8. Distribution strategy

3.9. Customer service

Topic 4: Organization and Management Plan

4.1. Organization structure

4.2. Management team/business personnel

4.3. Recruitment, training and promotion

4.4. Remuneration and incentives

4.5. Legal/statutory requirements

4.6. Supporting services

Topic 5: Operational/Production Plan

5.1. Production facilities and capacity utilization

5.2. Production and operation strategy

5.3. Production process

5.4. Regulations affecting operations

5.5. Operational timetable/production schedule

Topic 6: Financial Plan

6.1. Pre-Operations cost

6.2. Working capital

6.3. Cash flow projections

6.4. Pro-forma income statements

6.5. Pro-forma balance sheets

6.6. Break-even analysis

6.7. Profitability ratios

6.8. Proposed capitalization

6.9. Potential risks

Topic 7: Presentation

7.1. Business plan writing

7.2. Presentation of the Business Plan

Topic 8: Emerging Trends and Issues

8.1. Emerging Issues and Trends in Business Planning

8.2. Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in business planning

8.3. Ways of coping with the challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in business planning

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