Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE)

Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Course Overview

This is not an institution based course but an examination for those who have not met minimum entry requirements for direct admission to Certificate in ECDE course. Registration is done at the Sub-county Education Office.

Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education is a programme aimed at equipping teachers with skills relevant to teaching, setting up and managing ECDE Centers, and providing childcare in varied institutions such as hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and church organisations.

Career Opportunities for Certificate in Early Childhood Education (ECDE)

  • Teachers
  • Learning Administrators
  • Trainers and Life coaches
  • Instructional
  • Early Childhood Caregivers
  • Instructional Assistants
  • Caregivers in School

Entry Requirements for Certificate in ECDE

The Minimum Entry Requirements are: –

  • KCSE Mean Grade D+ (Plus), or;
  • KCE Division IV, or;
  • P2 teacher training certificate, or;
  • KCPE Certificate with a pass in ECDE Proficiency Certificate

Programme Duration and Structure

Certificate in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) shall be offered in Four (4) terms of pre-service training or Six (6) terms in-service training.

Course Duration: 18 months

Exam Body: KNEC

Grade: D+ and Above

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To acquire and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop relevant ECDE programmes.
  • To create activities that foster positive social interaction.
  • To acquire, adapt and apply technology in teaching and learning activities.

Progression Path

Diploma in ECDE

Course outline

Non modular

  • Foundation, Administration and Management of ECDE In Kenya
  • General Knowledge
  • Religious Education
  • Material Development
  • Introduction to Research
  • Community Development
  • Child Rights and Child Protection
  • Teaching Practice
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Lugha ya Kiswahili
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Life Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Physical Activities
  • Creative Arts Activities
  • Introduction to Child Psychology
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Health, Nutrition and Care
  • Early Childhood Development and Curriculum Development
  • Instructional and Learning Approaches
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • English Language
  • Language Activities
  • Mathematics Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Social Environment Activities
  • Music and Movement Activities
  • Entrepreneurship

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