Commercial and Administrative Law Diploma KNEC Notes

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Introduction to the Module Unit

Commercial and Administrative Law is a unit offered to diploma students in business related courses to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to be able to apply commercial and administrative law in an organization.

General Objectives

By the end of this module unit, the learner should be able to:

  • Apply commercial law in business management
  • Recognize the importance of commercial law in an organization
  • Apply relevant legal provisions of commercial law in business

Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Introduction to Sale of Goods

1.1. Meaning of the sale of goods agreement

1.2. Warranties and conditions in a sale of goods agreement

1.3. Types of contracts under the sale of goods agreement

1.4. Rights and duties of parties in a sale of goods agreement

1.5. Transfer of goods

1.6. Terms of trade

1.7. Ways through which a contract of sale can be terminated

Topic 2: Law of Partnership

2.1. Nature of partnership

2.2. Types of partnership

2.3. Rights and liabilities of partners

2.4. Dissolution of a partnership

Topic 3: Contract of Insurance

3.1. Meaning of a contract of insurance

3.2. Parties to a contract of insurance

3.3. Terms of a contract of insurance

3.4. Principles of insurance

3.5. Types of insurance

3.6. Types of insurance contracts

3.7. Remedies available for the breach of contract

Topic 4: Contract of Guarantee

4.1. Meaning of guarantee

4.2. Rights and liabilities of parties

4.3. Discharge of contract

Topic 5: Contract of Bailment

5.1. Meaning of bailment

5.2. Parties to a contract of bailment

5.3. Rights and liabilities of parties in a contract bailment

5.4. Factors which contribute to the discharge of a contract of bailment

Topic 6: Law of bankruptcy

6.1. Meaning of bankruptcy

6.2. Procedure in bankruptcy proceedings

6.3. Rights and disqualifications of a bankrupt

Topic 7: Law of Carriage of Goods

7.1. Meaning of the law of carriage of goods

7.2. Types of carriers

7.3. Modes of carriage

7.4. Implied terms and conditions

7.5. Documents used in carriage

7.6. Rights and liabilities of parties

7.7. Remedies available to parties in the breach of a contract of carriage

Topic 8: Commercial Arbitration

8.1. Meaning of commercial arbitration

8.2. Importance of arbitration in an organization

8.3. Awards given in arbitration

Topic 9: Negotiation Instruments

9.1. Meaning of negotiable instruments

9.2. Types of negotiable instruments

9.3. Rules applicable in the acceptance of negotiable instruments

9.4. Discharge of instruments

Topic 10: Company Law

10.1. Meaning of a company

10.2. Types of companies

10.3. Procedure of forming and incorporating a company

10.4. Functions of companies

10.5. Types of shareholders in a company

10.6. Procedure of winding up a company

Topic 11: The Administrative Law

11.1. Nature of administrative law

11.2. Types of administrative law

11.3. Functions of administrative law

Topic 12: The Structure of Government

12.1. Meaning of central government

12.2. Types of governments

12.3. Meaning of tribunals

12.4. Meaning of inquiries

Topic 13: Judicial Administrative Action

13.1. Meaning of Judicial Administrative Action

13.2. Types of Judicial Administrative Actions

13.3. Functions of Judicial Administrative Actions

Topic 14: Nature of Justice

14.1. Meaning of natural justice

14.2. Types of natural justice

14.3. Situations when natural justice is applicable

Topic 15: Delegated Legislation

15.1. Meaning of delegated legislation

15.2. Types of delegated legislation

15.3. Functions of delegated legislation

Topic 16: Emerging Trends and Issues in Commercial and Administrative Law

14.1. Emerging trends and issues commercial and administrative law

14.2. Challenges posed by the emerging trends and issues commercial and administrative law

14.3. Ways of coping with the emerging trends and issues in commercial and administrative law


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