Communication Skills KNEC Notes Diploma

communication Skills

This unit is intended to promote communication skills in learners. This is essential both in business and social interactions. Communication Skills are in both writing and oral communication. The unit is offered in the following courses:

Communication Skills Diploma KNEC Notes

Topic 1: Introduction to Communication

Topic 2: Communication Process

Topic 3: Classification of Communication

  • Types of communication
  • Use of various types of communication

Topic 4: Forms of Communication

  • Forms of communication
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each form of communication

Topic 5: Channels of Communication

  • Channels of communication
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each channel of communication

Topic 6: Official Etiquette, Protocol and Diplomacy

  • Meaning of etiquette, protocol and diplomacy
  • Official etiquette
  • Protocol and diplomacy

Topic 7: Writing Skills

  • Use of punctuation marks in writing
  • Courtesy in writing
  • Paragraph development
  • Essay writing
  • Functional writing

Topic 8: Summary

  • Importance of summary writing
  • Steps in summary writing

Topic 9: Report Writing Skills

  • Meaning of a report
  • Role of reports in an organisation
  • Forms and types of reports
  • Formats of reports
  • Steps taken in preparation of report writing
  • Writing, editing and dissemination of reports
  • Referencing styles used in reports
  • Preparation of power point slides

Topic 10: Conducting Meetings and Minute Writing

  • Definition of the terms meetings and minutes
  • Role of meetings and minutes in organizations
  • Types of meetings
  • Types of minutes
  • Planning and conducting meetings
  • Procedure for minute writing
  • Challenges faced in conducting of meetings and minute writing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of meetings

Topic 11: Interviews

  • Meaning of interview
  • Purpose of interviews in an organisation
  • Types of interviews
  • Preparation for an interview
  • Interviewing skills

Topic 12: Public Relations and Customer Care

  • Definition of terms public, customer and public relations
  • Types of customers
  • Role of public relations and customer care in an organisation
  • Interpersonal/Human relations skills
  • Customer care and public relations skills
  • Challenges faced in public relations and customer care

Topic 13: Emerging Issues in Communication

  • Emerging trends and issues in communication
  • Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues
  • Ways of coping with emerging trends and issues in communication

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