Craft Certificate in Business Management

General Information about the course

A business management certificate lays a firm foundation for any person looking to have a managerial position at any organization.

The course is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to perform clerical duties in an organization. A graduate of this course will be able to work in a salaried or self – employment. To achieve this, units such as entrepreneurship, communication skills, information and communication technology has been included.

Course description

The craft certificate in business management is packaged in two modules namely:

  • Craft certificate in business management module I
  • Craft certificate in business management Module II

By the end of each sub – module unit, a list of suggested Teaching/learning Resources, Activities as well as Evaluation Methods, have been included. The list is however not exhaustive and the trainer is encouraged to use other resources as shall be deemed appropriate. The course is concerned with the application of Business Management principles, solving financial and business related problems, including concepts of environmental dynamism and its influences on business activities.

General Objectives of the Course

By the end of the course, the trainee should be able to:

  1. Appreciate the roles played by different departments in an organization
  2. Appreciate the use of tools of analysis in decision-making in an organization
  3. Communicate effectively with the stakeholders in day today business activities.
  4. Apply business management principles in an organization.
  5. Understand the legal aspects in the operation of an organization
  6. Demonstrate knowledge on emerging trends and issues in business management
  7. Appreciate self-employment as an alternative to salaried employment

Examination Body: Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC

Entry Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade D


  • Minimum qualifications are KCSE D or KCE Div. 3
  • Pass in relevant Artisan course

Duration: 2 Terms – 1 year

  1. MODULE 1
  2. CBM 1:      Communication Skills
    CBM 2:      Life Skills
    CBM 3:      Information and Communication Technology
    CBM 4:      Entrepreneurship and business plan
    CBM 5:      Fundamentals of management and environment
    CBM 6:      Business Calculations and Statistics
    CBM 7:      Commerce
    CBM 8:      Financial Accounting
  3. MODULE 11
  4. CBM 9:      Office Organization
    CBM 10:    Sales and marketing
    CBM 11:    Economics
    CBM12:     Business Finance
    CBM13:     Business Law
    CBM14:     Human and Public relations
    CBM15:     Research Methods/project
    CBM16:     Field Practicum

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