Diploma in Human Resource Management

KNEC materials

General introduction to the course

This course is intended to equip the learner with a wide range of management skills applicable in all areas of management.

Modules: I, II, III & IV

Duration: 24 months

Admission Criteria

Module I

  • KCSE Mean grade C-; with D+ in English and Maths/Accounting/Business Studies/Economics/Commerce
  • Division II in KCE
  • One Principal Pass at the KACE
  • Completion of KNQA Level 5
  • A certificate of experimental learning issued by KNQA
  • University students
  • Estimated Fee – 30,000/-

Module II

  • A degree from a recognized institution
  • Estimated Fee: 35,000/-

Module III

  • Progression from Module II
  • No direct admission

Fee 35,000/-

Module IV

All students are expected to:

  • Write a research project in the area of specialization (6 months)
  • Participate in attachment process (8 – 12 weeks)
  • Fee 10,000/-

KNEC Course Outline for Diploma in Human Resource Management

Module I

Module II

Module III

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