Diploma in Accountancy – KNEC and BTEP

Diploma in Accountancy

Accounting is a very crucial function in all organizations. Every company needs an accountant or a team of accountants to carry out taxation, managerial accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and auditing of the company. Whether in NGOs, government institutions, or private companies, accounting is necessary. There is always need for an accountant in every organization. Thus, Diploma in Accountancy is a marketable course to take in Kenya.

The units to be covered in Diploma in Accountancy are:

    • Managerial Accounting
    • Taxation
    • Financial Accounting
    • Company law
    • Business Finance
    • Auditing
    • Project: (a) Course specialization (b) Entrepreneurship

Course Duration: 24 months
Exam Body: KNEC/BTEP
Grade: C- and Above

If this is your thing, choose a university or college and apply today. Pursue your dreams, and Good Luck!

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