Diploma in Agriculture

Course Overview

Agriculture plays a central role in supplying food and providing raw materials for industry. In developing countries, including Kenya, agriculture is a major foreign exchange earner and source of employment. The level of performance of the agriculture sector is dependent on the quality of training in agriculture.

This Diploma programme in Agricultural Education and Extension at Egerton University is intended to prepare individuals who can assist the nation realize those aims set for agriculture. The programme has a broad range of courses in basic sciences, technical agriculture and communication. The graduates of the programme are prepared to assume positions in teaching, agricultural extension and rural development.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the diploma programme, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of Agriculture in the national economy,
  2. Contribute to improved production and marketing of Agricultural products through research, extension and training
  3. Set up and manage Agricultural enterprises
  4. Promote sustainable land and water management for increased agricultural production and environmental protection

Career prospects

The University of Embu aims to train Agriculturist who will work in industry and academia

Duration: 2 years

Examination Body: KNEC

Module Units

Module I

Agricultural Engineering I

Agricutural Economics I

Agricultural Extension Education I

Animal Production I

Principles of Animal Production

Principles of Crop Production I

Soil Science

Module II

Agricultural Engineering II

Agricutural economics II

Agricultural Extension Education II

Home Economics

Animal Production II

Crop Prodution II

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Module III

Agricultural Engineering III

Environmental Management

Animal Production III

Crop Production III

Farm Business Management

Extension Education

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  1. Would you kindly upload the course outline for individual units in general agriculture. I would really appreciate if i could access the course outline for general agriculture module 3 engineering.

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