Diploma in Catering and Accommodation KNEC Materials

Module I

  1. Food Science and Nutrition
  2. Accommodation Operations Theory
  3. Information communication technology(ICT)
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Food and beverage production
  7. Food and beverage service and Control Theory
  8. Mathematics

Module II

  1. Catering and accommodation control II
  2. Diet therapy
  3. Hospitality Accounting and Control
  4. Food & Beverage Production Management Practice
  5. Food & Beverage Production Management Theory
  6. Accommodation Operations Management I and Law Theory

Module III

  1. Accommodation Operations Management II
  2. Principles and practices of management
  3. Food and beverage production management Theory
  4. Food and Beverage service and Sales Management Theory
  5. Principles of Accounting and Management