Diploma in Community Development and Social Work

KNEC Diploma Courses in Kenya

Programme Overview

This programme seeks to equip students with knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to actively participate in development activities. As a core aspect of socio-economic progress, the programme trains learners to be effective in community development.

Target Groups

  • Students from any discipline who wish to start a career in community development and impact the world through social work.
  • Managers in any functional areas of the organizations and who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in community development.
  • Professionals currently working in relevant occupations and who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in community development.

Career Opportunities for Diploma in Community Development and Social Work

  • Social workers
  • Community development specialists
  • Counselors
  • Project Managers
  • Policy Makers
  • Self-employment

Diploma in Community Development and Social Work takes three years and by the end of this course, the trainee should be able to:

  • Understand various intervention measures in solving social problems in a society
  • Use local resources to empower the societies in order to become self-reliance.
  • Appreciate the role of communication in social work
  • Understand various methods and approaches used in social development activities
  • Appreciate the importance of involving other professionals in the development and solving social problems in a society.
  • Promote ethical and legal practices in appraising and solving social development problems
  • Appreciate the importance of self-entrepreneurial skills in the national development.


  • Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
  • Certificate in Community development, Social development, Social work, Community Health, Counseling and Psychology.
  • Course open to Beginners, Development workers, Social workers, Project managers and Fresh students

Examination Body: KNEC

The following modules/units will be covered:


ENG 999:       English Language
DCD 1101:     Communication Skills
DCD 1102:     Information Communication Technology
DCD 1103:     Introduction to Community Development
DCD 1104:     Social Work Theory and Practice
DCD 1105:     Development Economics
DCD 1106:     Entrepreneurship
DCD 1107:     Community Based Organizations
DCD 1108:     Community Capacity Building and Partnerships


DCD 1109:     Social Research Methods.
DCD 1110:     Resource Mobilization and Fundraising
DCD 1111:     Project Management
DCD 1112:     Advocacy and Lobbying
DCD 1113:     HIV/Aids and Other Pandemics
DCD 1114:     Basic Mathematics
DCD 1115:     Resources Management
DCD 1116: 
DCD 1117:     Legal Aspects in Social Work
DCD 1118:     Project (Total Supervisory Unit)


DCD 1119:     Transformation and Social Marketing
DCD 1120:     Community Development Methodologies
DCD 1121:     Management of Community Concerns
DCD 1122:     Community Leadership
DCD 1123:     Gender and Development
DCD 1124:     Practicum

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