Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Programme Overview

Diploma in Early Childhood Education is an 18-month Diploma in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Education has been designed to give students the hands-on education, tools, and knowledge they need to work with children up to the age of 8 years old in both educational and care settings.

After successful completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Fully understand the child development process and the needs of the growing child.
  • Demonstrate initiative and judgment when problem solving and have a broad and coherent knowledge of diverse students and how they learn.
  • Engage professionally with colleagues, families, and students, and present clear, coherent, and independent thoughts, knowledge, and ideas.
  • Utilise contemporary teaching methodologies to adapt to the changing education environment and demand.
  • Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.

Career Opportunities for Diploma in Early Childhood Education

  • Teachers
  • Learning Administrators
  • Trainers and Life coaches
  • Instructional
  • Early Childhood Caregivers
  • Instructional Assistants
  • Caregivers in schools

Entry Requirements for Diploma in Early Childhood Education

  • KCSE Mean Grade C (Plain) or;
  • KCE Division II or;
  • Primary Teacher Education (PTE) teacher training certificate or;
  • At least D+ (Plus) in KCSE or KCE Division III and in addition have a KNEC ECDE Certificate or Ministry of Education DICECE Certificate or;
  • KCE Division III and Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE- A level) Certificate with a minimum of one (01) principal.
  • KNEC CAREER BOOKLET (2018) Page25 of 28

Programme Duration and Structure

This diploma course shall be offered in Four (4) terms of pre-service training or Six (6) terms in-service training. Candidates can complete the course in two years.


First Semester Units:

Unit Code Course Hours

TEC 001 Foundations of Early Childhood Education

TEC 003 Child growth, development and learning in ECE 45hrs

TEC 005 Administration and Management of ECE

TEC 007 Health, Care and Nutrition in Early childhood education

TEC 009 Child guidance and counseling

Second Semester

TEC 002 Early childhood Education Curriculum

TEC 004 Instructional Methods and Media in ECE

TEC 006 Early childhood education and environment

TEC 008 Language in Early childhood

TEC 010 Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

Third Semester

TEC 011 Science in Early Childhood Education

TEC 013 Social Studies in ECE

TEC 015 Development trends in ECE

TEC 017 Creative Arts and Music in ECE

TEC 019 Physical Education in ECE

TEC 021 Educational Research Methodology

Fourth Semester Units

TEC 012 Teaching Practice (Equivalent two units)

TEC 018 Research project (Equivalent two units)

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