Download Revised CPA Notes

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You can now access updated CPA notes directly on your phone or email. You can click on the paper you want and you can start downloading your CPA notes and revision kits.


Section 1: Download CPA 1 Notes

Paper No. 1 Financial Accounting

Paper No. 2 Business Law

Paper No. 3 Entrepreneurship and Communication

Section 2: Download CPA 2 Notes

Paper No. 4 Economics

Paper No. 5 Management Accounting

Paper No. 6 Public Finance and Taxation


Section 3: Download CPA 3 Notes

Paper No. 7 Company Law

Paper No. 8 Financial Management

Paper No. 9 Financial Reporting

Section 4: Download CPA 4 Notes

Paper No. 10 Auditing and Assurance

Paper No. 11 Management Information Systems

Paper No. 12 Quantitative Analysis


Section 5: Download CPA 5 Notes

Paper No. 13 Strategy, Governance and Ethics

Paper No. 14 Advanced Management Accounting

Paper No. 15 Advanced Financial Management

Section 6: Download CPA 6 Notes

Paper No. 16 Advanced Public Finance and Taxation

Paper No. 17 Advanced Auditing and Assurance

Paper No. 18 Advanced Financial Reporting

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