East Africa Institute of Certified Studies

ICS College

Type of Institution: TVET College

Background Information

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies traces its roots back to 2005 where it was established as a Non-Profit making Organization, training HIV/AIDS Management as well as Community Empowerment. EAICS College would reach out to the community by training groups of people in churches around Nairobi.

In the year 2008, the East Africa Institute of Certified Studies partnered with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation through National AIDS and STIs Coordination Program (NASCOP) to train VCT counselors in the country. ICS College later advanced and introduced Certificate and Diploma in Counseling and Psychology.

After rebranding in 2012, ICS College introduced a new department; School of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). This department served many students from secondary school with Computer Application Packages, ICT and later ICDL (International Computer Driving License).

With an active student population of close to 4000 and counting, ICS College can be proud to say they truly are the best college in Kenya. In particular, the institute is currently the most popular learning institution on social media owing to its dedicated marketing team and management.

Application Procedure: How to Apply for Courses at ICS College

To apply for courses at the ICS College, you can fill an online form using the following link:


To gain general admission to do a Certificate, Diploma or Advance Diploma Course at ICS College, you must have successfully completed your Secondary education qualification. For Artisan Course it is open to everyone including school dropouts.

Step 1:  Select the course you are interested in

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies offers a wide range of courses ranging from Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Kindly visit our website, downloads section where you will find our college prospectus.  From it, you will find the various courses that we offer and select the one you would wish to study. When choosing your course, there is a lot for you to consider. What type, of course, should you do, what qualification will you get and what is your desired career path. Take time and choose a course that suits you best. If you are unable to settle for your desired course, we also offer career guidance. Just contact us and someone will take you through.

Step 2:  Check entry requirements

Depending on the course you would like to apply, check that you meet our entry requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, there are still options available to you. We offer Artisan Courses that will enable you to qualify to do a course of your choice.

You can contact our admission office for grade requirements by either visiting our college or calling us through +254722 857 455/ +254 796 826 432.

Step 3:  Decide on your mode of study

We have Full-time, Part-time; Evening, Saturday classes and Distant/online learning. Select any of these modes of studying that are convenient for you.

Final Step, Complete and submit an application form

If you meet all the above requirements, then you are now ready to complete our application form. Admission forms may be obtained from the admissions office at our Stanbank House Branch on 3rd Floor or from our Information House branch on 2nd Floor in Nairobi. Application forms can also be downloaded from our website www.ics.ac.ke. You can also send your completed application form to admission@ics.ac.ke or send your application letter to apply@ics.ac.ke or visit our institute for registration.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

ICS College being a Fully Accredited institution by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have to be compliant with the grading systems that have been set.

We have collaborated with both Local and International Examination Bodies are the grade required for these courses are;

Grade Required For KNEC Examined Courses

  • Diploma: C-(Minus) & Above
  • Certificate: D (Plain) & Above
  • Artisan Level: D-(Minus) & Below including KCPE and Secondary School Drop-out
  • ECDE Certificate: D+ & Above
  • ECDE Diploma: C Plain & Above
  • ECDE Proficiency: D Plain & Below

Grade Required for ICM, ABE, ABMA, JP-UK & Other International Bodies

  • Diploma: C- (Minus) & Above
  • Certificate: D-(Minus), D (Plain) & D+ (Plus)
  • Single Subject Diploma: D (Plain) & Below

Student Portal of ICS College

You can access your personal portal as a student at ICS College by clicking on the link below:

The portal allows you to see your learning progress, students’ fee balance, access learning materials, etc.

Branches of ICS College and their Contacts:

ICS College has six physical branches distributed across the country and on virtual campus where students can learn online. The branches with their location and contacts are listed below:

Nairobi Campus

Stanbank House, 3rd Floor, On Moi Avenue, Next to Kenya National Archives, Near Tom Mboya Statue, Nairobi.

Tel: +254 722 857455

Mombasa Campus

Our MOMBASA Branch is located at Posta Pension Towers (Huduma House) 6th Floor, Digo Road, Next to Bima House, MOMBASA CBD.

Tel: +254 740 131917

Kisumu City Campus

We are located at Eco Bank Building 1st floor, along Oginga Odinga Street,  Near Commercial Bank, Kisumu City CBD.

Tel: +254 723 891404

Eldoret Campus

Our ELDORET Branch is located at Tiryo Sugarland Plaza 4th floor, Oloo Street, ELDORET Town.

Tel: +254 743 443 460

Nakuru Campus

Our Nakuru Branch is located at Stanchart Building Mezzanine Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru Town CBD.

Tel: +254 728 077800

Thika Campus

Our Thika branch is located at THIKA BUSINESS CENTER 7th FLOOR (Above NAIVAS Supermarket), Commercial Street, THIKA Town

Tel: +254 798 282255.

Courses Offered by East Africa ICS College

The courses offered by East Africa ICS College are:


School of Building, Construction and Technology

Artisan Courses

  1. Carpentry and Joinery.
  2. Plumbing.
  3. Welding and Fabrication.

Certificate Courses

  1. Carpentry and Joinery.
  2. Building Technology.
  3. Plumbing.
  4. Masonry.
  5. Land Surveying.
  6. Welding and Fabrication.
  7. Panel beating and body works.

Diploma Courses

  1. Building Technology.
  2. Water Technology.
  3. Land surveying.
  4. Welding and Fabrications.

School of ICT and Engineering

Artisan Courses

  1. Electrical Installation.
  2. Motor Vehicle Technology.
  3. Information and Cybersecurity.

Certificate Courses

  1. Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
  2. Information Technology (JP-UK)
  3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (KNEC)
  4. Automotive Engineering (KNEC)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (KNEC)
  6. CCTV Management (JP-UK)
  7. Computer Packages
  8. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
  9. Operating Systems
  10. Computer Aided Graphic Design
  11. Certificate Aided Design
  12. Web Design and Development
  13. Computer Programming Languages
  14. Microsoft Office (Advanced Training)
  15. CISCO Networking Academy (CISCO)
  16. Scripting.
  17. Video Production.
  18. Statistical Packages
  19. Financial Accounting Applications

Diploma Courses

  1. Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
  2. Information Technology (JP-UK)
  3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (KNEC)
  4. Automotive Engineering (KNEC)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (KNEC)
  6. Software Development(Full Stack)
  7. Computer Engineering (ABMA)
  8. Computing and Information Systems (ABMA)
  9. CCTV Management(JP-UK)
  10. Computer Networks and system administration (KASNEB)
  11. Computer Science and Cyber Security.
  12. Cyber security and Ethical Hacking.

School of Hospitality and Languages

Certificate Courses

  1. Food & Beverage Production and Services (KNEC)
  2. Tourism Management (KNEC)
  3. Catering and Accommodation Management (KNEC)
  4. Tour Guiding Operations (KNEC)
  5. Housekeeping and Laundry Operations (KNEC)
  6. Bakery Technology
  7. Tourism and Business Studies (ICM)
  8. Hotel & Catering Supervision (ICM)
  9. Hospitality Management (ICM)
  10. French (A-F)
  11. English (IELTS)
  12. Pastry (NVCET)
  13. Cookery (NVCET)
  14. Bakery (NVCET)

Diploma Courses

  1. Food & Beverage Production and Services (KNEC)
  2. Tourism Management (KNEC)
  3. Catering and Accommodation Management (KNEC)
  4. Tour Guiding Management
  5. Housekeeping and Laundry Management (KNEC) 
  6. Bakery Technology (KNEC)
  7. Tourism & Business Studies (ICM)
  8. Hotel & Catering Law (ICM)
  9. Tour Operations (ICM)
  10. Restaurant Services (ICM)
  11. Food and Beverage Management (ICM)
  12. Housekeeping and Accommodation Studies (ICM)
  13. Hospitality Management (ICM)
  14. Air Travel (IATA)
  15. Cargo Handling (IATA)
  16. Airline Cabin Crew (IATA)
  17. Consultancy in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
  18. Foundation in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
  19. Management in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
  20. Airport Operations (IATA)

School of Beauty, Fashion and Interior Design

Certificate Courses

  1. Hair Dressing
  2. Beauty Therapy
  3. Cosmetology
  4. Interior Design
  5. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology
  6. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology (KNEC)
  7. Barbering 
  8. Shape Eyebrows
  9. Waxing
  10. Ear Piercing
  11. Spa Treatment
  12. Dreadlocks
  13. Natural Hair Care
  14. Advance Weaving
  15. Thermal Styling
  16. Hair Product
  17. Advance Make-up
  18. Nail Art
  19. Shaving Tech
  20. Manicure
  21. Pedicure
  22. Facial
  23. Geo Polish
  24. Plaiting
  25. Nail Technology
  26. Massage Therapy
  27. Reflexology
  28. Salon Management
  29. Training of Trainers
  30. Garmet making(KNEC)
  31. Dressmaking

Diploma Courses

  1. Hair Dressing
  2. Beauty Therapy
  3. Cosmetology
  4. Interior Design
  5. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology
  6. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology (KNEC)
  7. diploma-in-cosmetology

School of Health and Social Sciences

Certificate Courses

  1. Project Management (KNEC)
  2. Early Childhood Development and Education (KNEC)
  3. Social Work and Community Development (KNEC)
  4. Nutrition and Dietetics(KNEC)
  5. Supervision Management (CIC-UK)
  6. HIV testing and Counseling (NASCOP)
  7. Criminology and Social Justice.
  8. Security Management
  9. Community Development
  10. Disaster Management (JP-UK)

Diploma Courses

  1. Project Management (KNEC)
  2. Early Childhood Development and Education (KNEC)
  3. Social Work and Community Development (KNEC)
  4. Counseling  (KNEC)
  5. HIV Testing and Counseling (KNEC)
  6. Nutrition and Dietetic(KNEC)
  7. Community Development (KNEC)
  8. HIV/AIDS Management (ABMA)
  9. Criminal Law (ICM)
  10. Logistics/material and Supply Chain Management (CIC-UK)
  11. Leadership Studies single-subject (ICM)
  12. Disaster Management(JP-UK)
  13. Social work.(KNEC)
  14. Criminology and Social Justice.(JP-UK)
  15. Security Management(JP-UK)
  16. Community Development(KNEC)
  17. Marriage and Family Therapy(KNEC)
  18. Child and Adolescent Counselling(KNEC)
  19. Chemical Dependancy and Addiction(Knec)
  20. Guidance and Counselling in Learning Institution(KNEC)
  21. Community health and Development(JP-UK)

School of Media Studies

Certificate Courses

  1. Journalism
  2. Public Relation

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma Journalism(KNEC)
  2. Advanced Diploma Journalism & Media Studies
  3. Marketing Advertising and PR (ICM)
  4. Advanced Diploma Marketing Advertising and PR (ICM)
  5. Journalism (ICM)
  6. Public Relation

Also on offer:

  • Driving School
  • Short Courses
    • Leadership Skills
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Social Research Methods and Skills
    • Stress Management and Counseling Skills
    • First Aid
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Proposal Development Writing Skills
    • Entrepreneurship Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Project Planning and Management Skills
    • NGO and CBO Management Skills
    • Community Capacity Building and Participation Skills
    • Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising Skills
    • Social Marketing and Welfare Skills
    • Nutrition and Dietetics Skills
    • Conflict Response and Management Skills
    • Humanitarian Management Skills
    • Report Writing and Presentation Skills
    • Disaster and Crisis Management Skills
    • Life Skills
    • HIV/AIDS Home Based Care
    • Gender Empowerment and Development
    • Psychological Debriefing and Trauma Skills
    • Child and Adolescent Counseling
    • HIV/AIDS Management and Counseling Skills
    • Drug and Substance Abuse/ Addiction
    • Strategic Planning and Management Skills
    • Corporate Governance
    • Management Information System Skills
    • Business Communication Skills
    • Human Resource Management Skills
    • Management Organization Skills
    • Business Development and Management Skills
    • Public Relations Skills
    • Sales and Marketing Skills
    • Front Office Operations Skills
    • Social Marketing Skills
    • Career and Vocational Counseling Skills
    • Basic Counseling Skills and Process
    • Criminology Skills
    • Human Sexuality and Sexual Abuse
    • Training of Trainers (TOT)
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
    • Career and Vocational Counseling Skills
    • Antiretroviral Therapy
    • Peace Building and Reconciliation Skills
    • Basic Financial Accounting Skills

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