EES 400: Economic Modeling and Computer Simulation Notes

EET 100 Microeconomics I

Course Outline

Lecture 1: Introduction to Economic Modeling and Computer Simulation

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Economic Models

1.2.1 Definition of a Model

1.2.2 Features of a Model

1.2.3 Model Validity

1.2.4 Elements of an economic Model

1.2.5 Characteristics of a Model

1.2.6 Types of Economic Models

1.3 Evaluating the Quality of a model

1.4 Steps in Econometric Modeling

1.5 Uses of Economic Models

Lecture 2: Modeling, Data Analysis and Simulation in STATA, EVIEWS, Excel and LiPS Software

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Data analysis using stata

2.3 Data analysis using EViews

2.4 Data analysis using Excel

2.4.1 Preparing an Income statement

2.4.2 Preparing a variance workbook

2.4.3 Preparing graphs and charts

2.4.4 Performing Logical Functions

2.4.5  Performing Financial Functions

2.4.6 Linear Programming Model

2.4.7 Hypothesis testing for the difference between two sample means

Lecture 3: Time Series Econometrics

Lecture 4: Macro-economic Modeling

Lecture 5: System Dynamics

Lecture 6: Economic Dynamics

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