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Type of Institution: Public TVET College

Background Information

Friends College Kaimosi (FCK) is a Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute located in Kaimosi Mission Complex, Vihiga County. The institute was founded in 1971 by the Friends Church in collaboration with missionaries from the UK and USA. The aim of the college was to increase access to vocational education in western Kenya to foster modern practice in agriculture, business, and rural leadership.

The Friends College Kaimosi is currently enrolling students for training programmes aimed at achieving technological advancement, research labor market needs, and changing education policy. FCK has been approved by the Ministry of Education, and focuses on collaborations and partnerships, good governance, and capacity building.

The vision of Friends College Kaimosi is to be a leading Institute of skills training in Science and Technology.

Its mission is to provide quality Technical Training and research in Science and Technology to meet changing society needs.

FCK has two campuses: main campus at Kaimosi and town campus at Mbale.

Application for Courses at Friends College Kaimosi

If you are interested in taking a course at Friends College Kaimosi, there are two methods of applying.

First, you can apply online by going to the institution’s website via

After clicking the link, you will be given an online application form to fill. Enter all the details required, including names, ID number, DOB, and email. You will also be required to provide certain documents indicating your identity and qualifications such as ID, high school certificates, passports, etc. You will also be required to choose your course from the dropdown menu on List of Courses. Confirm enter the date of application, and submit.

The second approach is to apply through KUCCPS if you want to be enrolled as a government-sponsored student. What you need to do is log in to the KUCCPS student portal and log in using your KCSE and KCPE index number. Follow this procedure to apply for a course at Friends College Kaimosi through KUCCPS.

Admission Requirements for Friends College Kaimosi

Admission requirements for Friends College Kaimosi varies according to course. Certificate courses often require a D and above in KCSE, while diploma courses will require a C- and above. For artisan courses, you are required to have a KCPE certificate.

Other requirements include: ID card, original KCSE certificate, KCSE Certificate, and school leaving certificates.

When applying, you are required to provide copies of:

  • ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • KCPE Certificate/Result Slip
  • KCSE Certificate/Result Slip
  • Lower level/previous TVET Certificate (where applicable.

Friends College Kaimosi Fees Structure

Friends College Kaimosi Fees Structure


1 Students to pay all fees on admission.

2 All students should clear their fees arrears before paying for the current period.

3 Accommodation is optional. It is charged at the rate of Kshs.3,000 per term (to be paid after clearing fees).

4 Examination fees vary with various levels and courses and are not part of the above fees (to be paid after clearing fees).

5 Students are expected to purchase their own meals (PAYE).

6 All fees (including accommodation fees) to be banked on the college account below

Friends College Kaimosi Bank Account Details

KCB Account

Account No.: 1101755652

Branch: Kakamega Branch, or use

MPESA, Paybill No. 522123,

Account no: 52654K followed by trainee’s Name and admission no. or ID no. for new students with no space between the account.


(i) Go to Mpesa

(ii) Click Lipa na Mpesa:

(iii) Enter Business no. 522123

(iv). Enter Account No. 52654K e.g 52654KJobLeo001 (For those with admission numbers) or 52654KJobLeo23456 (for new students who should use their ID numbers)

(v) Enter Amount

(vi) Enter Pin

(vii) Click Confirm

Registration of Students

Students who have been selected to undertake a course at Friends College Kaimosi can register as a student through the following link:

When you click on that website, you will be given a link where you will fill and submit your registration on Google Docs. Enter all your information and submit.

Courses Offered at Friends College Kaimosi

1.0 Business Studies Department


1.1 Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) level I, (KCSE C- Minus)

1.2 Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) level II (pass in ATC level I or ATD level I)

1.3 Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) level III (pass in ATC level II or ATD level II)

1.4 Certified Public Accountant/Secretary (CPA/CPS Part 1 (KCSE C+ with c+ in Maths & English or Pass in ATD Level III)

1.5 Certified Public Accountant/Secretary (CPA/CPS PART II-(Pass in CPA/CPS Part I)


1.7 Diploma in Information Studies (Library) (KCSE C-)

1.8 Diploma in Accountancy (KCSE C-)

1.9 Diploma in Supply Chain Management – Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

1.10 Diploma in Human Resources Management – Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

1.11 Diploma in Sales and Marketing – Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

1.12 Diploma in Business Management – Module I , II, III (KCSE C-)

1.13 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development- Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

1.14 Certificate in Supply Chain Management (KCSE D plain) with D plain in Math and English  – Module I, II

1.15 Certificate in Human Resource Management –Module I, II(KCSE D plain)

1.16 Certificate in Sales and Marketing – Module I, II(KCSE D plain)

1.17 Certificate in Business Management  – Module I , II(KCSE D plain)

1.18 Certificate in Information Studies (Library) – Module I, II(KCSE D plain)

1.19 Certificate in Social Work and Community Development (KCSE D plain)

1.20 HND in Business Management (Dip  Business Management)

1.21 HND in Human Resources Management (Dip  Business Management, Diploma in Human Resources Management, Diploma in Buss Admin; Dip in Secretarial Studies , 2 yrs)

1.22 HND in Entrepreneurship ( Dip in Entrepreneurship 2 yrs)

1.23 HND in Library & Information Management (Dip in Library & information studies 2yrs)

1.24 HND in Archives & Record Management (Dip in Archives & Record Management 2 yrs)

1.25 Diploma in Project MANAGEMENT (KCSE C-)

1.26 Artisan in Storekeeping (KCSE/KCPE)

 2.0 Secretarial Studies Department –Knec

2.1 Secretarial Studies- Artisan -KCPE

2.2 Craft certificate in Secretarial Studies (KCSE D plain with D in Eng.) – Module I, II

2.3 Diploma in Secretarial Studies – Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

2.4 Single & Group (KCSE)

3.0 Food and Beverage Department- KNEC

3.1 Diploma in Food & Beverage Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

3.2 Diploma in Fashion Design & Garment making Tech. (KCSE C- Minus with D+ in Math) Module I

3.3 Diploma in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy (KCSE C-)

3.4 Certificate in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy

3.5 Food & Beverage- Artisan (KCSE/KCPE)

3.6 Certificate in Food & Beverage Module I, II

3.7 Certificate in Fashion Design & Garment making Technology. (KCSE D Plain with

Applied Science Department – KNEC

4.1 Certificate in Food Technology

4.2 Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

4.3 Diploma in Food Technology (KCSE C-)

4.4 Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (KCSE C-)

4.5 Diploma in Applied Biology (KCSE C-)

4.6 Diploma in Dietetics Management Module I, II, III (KCSE C-)

4.7 Bakery/Pastry (6 Months)

5.0 Computer Studies Department

5.1 Diploma in Information Communication Technology – Module I , II, III  (KCSE C-)

5.2 Computer System Application Packages (CSAP) – KCPE and above (8 packages, 2 months) -KNEC

5.3 Certified Information Communication Technology level I  (CICT) (KCSE D Plain) KNEC

5.4 Certificate in Information Communication Technology (CICT) (KCSE D Plain) – Module I, II -KNEC

5.5 Fundamentals of networking (CISCO) – KCSE D Plain (1 month) with online examination

 6.0 Building/ Engineering Department (KNEC)

6.1 Certificate in Automotive Engineering (KCSE D Plain) Module I, II

6.2 Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Module I, II

6.3 Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Power option) Module I, II (KCSE C-)

6.4 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Prod.  Option)  Module I (KCSE C-)

6.5 Diploma in Automotive Engineering – Module I, II (KCSE C-)

6.6 Diploma in Building Technology Module I

6.7 Certificate in Building Technology Module I

6.8 Certificate in Plumbing 2 yrs TEP (KCSE D)

6.9 Certificate in Masonry 2yr TEP (KCSE D)

6.10 Certificate in Welding & Fabrication Mod I (KCSE D)

6.11 Artisan in Electrical Installation 5 terms TEP KNEC (KCPE/KCSE)

6.12 Artisan in Plumbing 2 yrs TEP (KCPE/KCSE)

6.13 Artisan in Masonry 2yr TEP (KCPE/KCSE)

6.14 Artisan in Moto Vehicle Mechanic (KCPE) 2 yrs DRIVING COURSES

Friends College Kaimosi Contacts

Physical Location: We are located in Western Province of Kenya within the Kaimosi Complex along the Kisumu – Chavakali – Kapsabet – Eldoret road

Postal Address: Friends College Kaimosi P.O Box 150 – 50309, Tiriki Kenya.

Phone Number: 0735818311/0704686363

Email Address:


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