How to Register for NHIF Online

how to check NHIF Status Online

How to Apply for NHIF Card Online

NHIF membership is important in ensuring that Kenyans have a universal health care. NHIF contributions ensure that every Kenyan has an insurance cover.

However, to benefit from the program you need to register for NHIF membership online and apply for an NHIF card

How to Apply for NHIF membership Online

The following is a simple procedure on how to apply for NHIF card online

  • Requirements to apply for the NHIF membership card
    • Kenyan national citizenship
    • National ID card
    • Colored passport size photos
    • Original copies of Birth certificates and ID cards of all beneficiaries including children and spouses
    • For foreign citizens, they need to submit alien certificates and passports
  • Download the NHIF membership forms from their website, fill, and submit
  • The Online NHIF registration is done through the link: NHIF Online Registration
  • To register for NHIF membership, follow the following procedures
    • Go to NHIF Online Registration
    • Select employee if you are registering as an employee
    • Select Self-employed if you are not employed
    • Enter your details such as Name, KRA Pin, Employer’s KRA pin, ID number, and date of birth
    • Attach scanned copies of your original documents such as ID/Passport/Birth certificate
    • If you are married, I here you are nowadays mandated to provide a marriage certificate as well, for your spouse to benefit.
    • Click Save to apply for NHIF
  • You will be notified via text message of your application status once you complete your NHIF online application.
  • You can also use your phone number to check your NHIF registration status

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