How to Write a Timed Essay in Less than 45 Minutes

One of the most taunting tasks for a student is a timed essay, which is usually a necessary part of an academic journey. It is even more challenging when you want to write a strong argumentative essay in a short time and with lots of pressure. You just wish you could pay someone to write your essay; but there is nowhere to run to for an essay help in a timed test. In this post we will explain how you can plan and write your timed essay in less than 45 minutes.


The first think to consider is early preparation. I should guess you are always informed in advance about the timed essay. Thus, you may need to familiarize yourself with the course content by reading relevant texts and reviewing the class notes. You may also check out past examinations to help you predict possible prompts for the timed essay.

If I have to write my paper quite effectively, I may need to do enough practice; so should you. Try to write a mock essay within a short time to enable you write an academic essay under pressure. If your timed essay is based on a certain text or course material, such as a novel or chapter, read the given material in advance, marking and memorizing the key ideas. These may be important essay help tools as you prepare for the timed essay.

This pre-test preparation helps you to organize your thoughts and plan how you will structure your essay effectively. In this early stage, you should memorize important facts related to your course, including dates, names, and figures. This helps you develop a rich store of evidence to support your arguments during the writing process. Remember that your grade will depend on how well and logically you support your argument in the timed essay.

Beginning the Test

Once you are familiar with the course content, and you are ready for the timed essay, relax and take a deep breadth. Make yourself comfortable. You may feel a little uneasy, and wish that someone would write the paper for you. However, essay help is prohibited at such a time. Therefore, it is important that you take control of things from the beginning.

Within the first five minutes of the essay writing exercise, read the essay prompt carefully to understand the requirements. In my own experience, I have learned that the worst thing that can happen when I write my essay is going off-topic. Once you understand the question, create a rough outline of your ideas and write a few notes to guide you in the writing process. This will eliminate too much irrelevant narratives that do not add anything to your timed essay. You should focus on important points when writing an academic essay so that you can stick to the given topic.

Essay Development

The last and major part of the paper, which takes about 25-30 minutes, involves developing your essay. Basically, in this stage you translate your outline into a coherent and academic essay. First, highlight important facts and background information about the topic in the introduction. Then proceed to write a thesis statement that summarizes important points of your argument. From there, support your thesis with multiple paragraphs, each of which carries one idea that is well supported with evidence. Now that you have memorized important concepts and facts, and you have developed an outline of your academic paper, you can easily enumerate and explain your points with ease.


Lastly, write a conclusion with a compelling restatement of the thesis. Summarize your key ideas and conclude by stating your standpoint on the issue, showing that you have enough evidence to support that argument. 

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