McDonald’s versus Starbucks Brand Image

McDonald's Brand Image

The brand that I have come to like is McDonald’s. The brand image consists of a logo that was created to mimic the original McDonald’s buildings, which formed the shape of letter “M” and represented family and love. The iconic golden arches on the logo represent simplicity, light-hearted services, love, happiness, and family values. The easily noticeable logo goes hand in hand with the firm’s mission and values.

McDonald’s values and mission statement supports the brand image – offering the best feel-good moments with welcoming, unpretentious, and dependable personality (McDonald’s, 2021). McDonald’s also uses commercials to support this brand image in marketing communications.

Specifically, the firm used an advertisement known as “He Loves Me”, which was first aired in Egypt. It depicts two teenagers who fall in love and share fries in a McDonald’s restaurant. This ad supports the idea that McDonald’s is the place where people go share love. The “family” and “love” image motivates me to visit their restaurants with friends and family to share good and bad moments through food.

McDonald’s brand image can be compared with that of Starbucks, its direct competitor in the fast-food industry. While McDonald’s focuses on family and love, Starbucks brand image is centered on the American coffee culture. Starbucks is a place where people go to catch a moment of hot coffee, relaxation, and enjoyable experience.

McDonald’s image represents youth and families, but Starbucks captures the interest of coffee enthusiasts. The brand logo has green and white colors; the green represents nature and tranquility while white shows peace (DesignBro, 2021). So, one goes to Starbucks to find peace, quietness, and tranquility with some refreshing coffee. I like McDonald’s brand image more than Starbucks because I like family and I advocate love for family, friends, and the community. I view McDonald’s as a uniting experience rather just a food-selling company.



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