Microprocessor Systems KNEC Notes – Syllabus

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Microprocessor Systems is a unit offered to students pursuing Diploma in Electrical and electronic engineering. Module 3. See the course outline/syllabus below and request KNEC notes for the unit. Introduction

30.3.0 Module Summary and Time Allocation

30.3.1  Microprocessor Architecture (4 Hours)

30.3.2  Introduction to Assembly Language Programming (4 Hours)

30.3.3  Input/Output Methods (4 Hours)

30.3.4  Interrupts (6 Hours)

30.3.5  Direct Memory Access (8 Hours)

30.3.6  Interfacing Devices (4 Hours)

30.3.7  Tools in assembly Language Programming (8 Hours)

30.3.8  Control Structures Architecture (6 Hours)

30.3.9  Microcomputer Development (8 Hours)

30.3.10 Microprocessor Applications (8 Hours)

30.3.11 Microprocessor Fault Diagnosis (6 Hours)

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