Moi University’s Cultural Week Celebrations 2021

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Moi University community is celebrating its cultural week, which started yesterday at Moi University Student’s Center.

The mood at Moi University right now is characterized by merry, melodious songs, graceful dancing, and astute presentations.

Cultural celebrations have been a common tradition for Kenyan universities over a long time. Cultural Weeks are part of these celebrations. They are often held annually in major public and private universities to promote cultural diversity.

Since university students come from diverse backgrounds, cultural weeks help them understand and appreciate the cultural practices and traditions of others. The celebrations also allow people to share their cultural values, ideas and perspectives in education, culture, and environment. This helps them to value people, societies, and the environment.

Appreciation of diversity in institutions is an important way of promoting unity and peace in a community where people come from different tribal affiliations. When we come together, we tend to understand and appreciate one another’s diversities.

The theme for this year’s cultural week at Moi University is to embrace cultural diversity in combating COVID-19 effect. What a way to come together against the pandemic!

Indeed, the cultural week enables students, lecturers, and other stakeholders to share ideas and knowledge about the Corona Virus and how to deal with its impact in the community. As we might all be aware, coming together in such a difficult time helps individuals ease their burdens and minimize stress.

The cultural week also helps students to showcase their talents, traditions, and cultural practices. This promotes our cultural heritage and allows learners to appreciate their traditional ways of life while at the same time adapting to the evolving world of technology. Students use various presentations and activities to demonstrate their artistic prowess and skills.

Moi University Cultural Week 2021

Some of the activities carried out during Moi University’s cultural week are:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Cultural Food Display
  • Modelling (Mr. and Miss Culture)
  • Spoken Word/Poetry
  • Traditional Wear Display
  • Creative Knowledge from School

Many people affiliated to the Moi University fraternity have assembled at the venue to witness this epic moment and take some time off for leisure as they learn more about different cultures and practices of different countries and communities. People have come from far and wide to experience the feeling of being a Kenyan and being a member of a multicultural community.

Moi University Cultural Week 2021

Based on the hype of social media, it is clear that all parties concerned are having a great moment at the institution. Great displays, from traditional attire, dances, and cultural songs, to gymnastics and poetry. There is everything you need to make you laugh and be happy during this period of Covid-19 pandemic.

Social media enthusiasts have also taken the opportunity to post pictures and invite others to share the African culture at Moi University during this Culture Week. As hundreds of audience sit 1 meter apart at the Students’ Center hall, talented individuals take to the stage with magnificent presentations.

Groups of students, staff, lecturers, leaders, and invitees are also seen visiting various stands around the university to learn one or two things about the African culture.

There is nothing so fulfilling as the feeling of being home; to celebrate the bountiful culture and traditions of our communities.

We leave you with some images of the scenes at Moi University!

Moi University Cultural Week 2021
Students Showcasing Martial Arts
Moi University Cultural Week 2021
Salvation Army parade
Students showcasing traditional attire
Moi University Cultural Week 2021
Students preparing for a traditional dance
Moi University Cultural Week 2021
students preparing to present traditional song
Students preparing for a presentation
Students presenting a choreographed dance at the podium


The audience, seated, following, and listening
Moi University Cultural Week
Showcasing African Attire and music instruments

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