Mount Kenya University Has a New V.C.

Mount Kenya University VC Deogratius Jaganyi

A New Vice Chancellor (VC) for Mount Kenya University was installed yesterday in a colorful ceremony held at the University Graduation Pavilion at the Happy Valley Grounds.

Professor Deogratius Jaganyi was unveiled as the second Vice Chancellor of Mount Kenya University through a meticulous ceremony. This brings a new era of uncertainty and expectation into the University.

The event, which was aired live by TV47, brought together several stakeholders in the education sector to witness the making of history.

Speaking of history, Mount Kenya University has been headed by one Vice Chancellor since it was founded 13 years ago. Prof. Stanley W. Waudo, the founding Vice Chancellor, has steered the wheel of growth and success at Mount Kenya University for thirteen years.

Mount Kenya University Wrote on Twitter: “He (Prof. Waudo) has successfully steered the institution into a fully-fledged Chartered University which has adopted international best practices.”

The new leadership now represents a shift to higher grounds. Indeed, the history of Mount Kenya is well decorated with ambitions, vision, growth, and success.

While the past regime of Prof. Stanley Waudo raised the institution from a local college to a local university, Prof. Jaganyi is expected to take it from a local university to an international university.

In attendance during the ceremony was the founder of Mount Kenya University, Professor Simon Gicharu, who announced that Prof. Waudo will be appointed as the council member of MKU, and the Chancellor of the proposed Mount Kenya Kigali University of Technology.

“Running a university is like sailing a giant ship. This ship called Mount Kenya University set sail in 1996. It was then just a small boat, with a different name and I was rowing almost single handedly down a river,” Simon Gicharu said.

Simon Gicharu founded Mount Kenya University as Thika Institute of Technology in 1996, and it was only until 2007 that it was fully chattered as a private university. Since then, the institution has grown to be one of the biggest institutions of higher learning in East Africa.

During Prof. Waudo’s tenure, Mount Kenya University was able to graduate over 100,000 students. Prof. Waudo also led the institution through a phase of online education and international expansion.

It is now the duty of Prof. Jaganyi to take the University to the next level.

Many people approve Prof. Jaganyi’s appointment and they are all optimistic that the new VC is the right man to do the job.

Ministry of Education CAS Zack Kinuthia remarked, “Prof. Jaganyi has returned to his motherland to show his gratitude & give back to the society.”

Outgoing Vice Chancellor Prof. Stanley Waudo said, “I look to the future with hope and optimism. I’m convinced that MKU will continue to prosper.”

It is now up to Prof. Deogratius Jaganyi to gratify or denigrate the wishes and expectations of everyone who has entrusted him with the leadership of MKU.

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