Office Administration and Management KNEC Notes, KNEC Syllabus 2020, KNEC Module 1

Introduction to the Module Unit

Office Administration and Management is intended to equip learners with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to perform office administration functions.

General Objectives

By the end of the module unit, the student should be able to:

  • Apply principles and concepts of office management
  • Identify duties and responsibilities of various office personnel
  • Operate and manage an office effectively
  • Cope with the emerging trends and issues in office administration and management

KNEC Syllabus/Unit Outline

Topic 1: Introduction to Office Administration and Management

1.1. Definition of terms

  • Office administration
  • Office management

1.2. Distinction between office administration and management

1.3. Scope of Office Administration and Management

Topic 2: Organization Structures and Departments

2.1. Types of organization structures and their charts

2.2. Various departments in an organization

2.3. Functions of various departments

2.4. Relationship between departments

Topic 3: Office Organization

3.1. Meaning of Office Organization

3.2. Principles of organization

3.3. Delegation of Authority

3.4. Span of Control

3.5. Centralization and decentralization of office services

Topic 4: The Office

4.1. Meaning of an Office

4.2. Functions of an office

4.3. Types of office layout

4.4. Features of a modern office

Topic 5: The Office Personnel

5.1. Types of office personnel

5.2. Duties and responsibilities of various office personnel

5.3. Qualities required of various office personnel

5.4. Role of human relations in an office

Topic 6: Office Furniture and Stationery

6.1. Meaning of office furniture

6.2. Types of office furniture and their uses

6.3. Procuring office furniture

6.4. Definition of stationery

6.5. Procuring office stationery

6.6. Uses of office stationery

Topic 7: Handling Office Correspondence

7.1. Types of office correspondence

7.2. Procedure of handling incoming correspondence

7.3. Procedure of handling outgoing correspondence

Topic 8: Filing and Storage of Records

8.1. Meaning of filing

8.2. Various filing systems

8.3. Methods of classifying documents

8.4. Uses of filing equipment

8.5. Follow-up methods in filing and storage of records

Topic 9: Reprography

9.1. Definition of reprography

9.2. Methods used in reproducing documents

9.3. Advantages and Disadvantages of each method of reproduction

9.4. Factors to consider in choosing reproduction methods.

Topic 10: Organization and Methods

10.1. Meaning of organisation and methods

10.2. Objectives of organisation and methods

10.3. Procedures used in carrying out organisation and methods

10.4. Importance of organisation and methods

Topic 11: Emerging Trends and Issues in Office Administration and Management

11.1. Emerging trends and issues in office administration and management

11.2. Effects of emerging trends and issues in office administration and management

11.3. Ways of coping up with emerging trends and issues in office administration and management

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