Office Organisation KNEC Notes – Diploma

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Introduction to the Module Unit

Office Organisation is a unit offered to diploma students in supply chain management to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to work effectively within an organisation and relate positively with other employees in an organisation.

General Objectives

By the end of this module unit, the learner should be able to:

  • Outline the need for good office organisation
  • Apply filing and storage of records skills in supply department
  • Recognize shortcomings and flows in business organisation
  • Apply their office organisation skills to achieve efficiency in an organisation’s supply chain management
  • Create good image for the organisation using the acquired skills on human relations

Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Introduction to Office Organisation

1.1. The office and its environment

1.2. Principles of good organisation

Topic 2: Organisation Structure

2.1. Types of business organisations

2.2. Organisational structures

2.3. Departments in business organisation

2.4. Organisation charts

Topic 3: Office Layout

3.1. Factors that influence office layout

3.2. Types of office layout

3.3. Furniture and layout

Topic 4: Filing and Storage of Records

4.1. Filing terms

4.2. Classifying of filing methods

4.3. Reasons for storing correspondence and records

Topic 5: Communication Services

5.1. Principles of effective communication

5.2. Forms of communication

5.3. Factors to consider in choosing a means of communication

5.4. Importance of effective communication

5.5. Barriers to effective communication

Topic 6: Wages, Salaries and Accounting Services

6.1. Accounting services in office organisation

6.2. Terms and conditions of employment

6.3. Cash control measures

6.4. Financial problems of a business

Topic 7: Control of Stationery and Office Equipment

7.1. Importance of stock records

7.2. Stationery control systems

7.3. Types of stationery and equipment

Topic 8: Human Relations

8.1. Role of human relations in the office

8.2. Relations within the office and company

8.3. Relations with outside world

Topic 9: Emerging Issues and Trends in Office Organisation

9.1. Emerging issues and trends in office organisation

9.2. Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in office organisation

9.3. Coping with challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in office organisation

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