Product Lifecycle Management for Multiple Lifecycle Products


Multiple Lifecycle Products are common in the modern manufacturing industry. Products are manufactured and remanufactured through multiple lifecycle processes whereby products that have undergone its various stages of production, and have been used by the final consumer are returned back to the supply chain multiple of times. This process is considered as a green activity that enables organisations to save energy, conserve the environment, reduce costs, and enhances profitability. In order to enhance a successful production of multiple life cycle products, organizations utilize the concept of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) appropriately. In this case, the product or a range of products are managed effectively throughout its entire life, since the need of the product concept was recognised until product is retired or disposed safely. PLM is often based on Product Life Cycle Support as an international standard used by organizations to represent information set that is required to support a product during its economic life from conception to disposal. This management of information is enhanced through a closed loop manufacturing process in order to ensure that the product goes through the manufacturing process multiple times through recycling, remanufacturing or re-use.

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