Purpose of Communication

communication skills

In human societies, and indeed all institutions, communication is inevitable. As people interact in the workplace, school and at home, they use language to pass information to each other. While there are different forms and channels of communication, the epitome of every relationship is based on effective communication in whichever form.

The purpose of communication is to inform, persuade, express feelings, increase imagination, influence people, and achieve expectations or objectives. Here is a list of key uses and purposes of communication:

1) Communication can be used to pass information in the workplace – e.g. a supervisor informing employees about a change in work schedule or role assignments.

2) It can also be used to express feelings and build relationships, e.g. a manager trying to resolve conflicts between employees will call for a meeting and use communication to reconcile the warring parties.

3) Communication is also used to persuade or promote negotiation in a business scenario, e.g. when you want to persuade a customer to buy a product

4) Communication helps in influencing people and building goodwill. So communicators can influence each other in an open exchange of ideas. E.g. a manager trying to influence employees’ actions positively in the workplace, will use language to influence them.

5) Managers will also need to communicate the goals and objectives of the business and pass important information to them.

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