Sample of a Professional Business Email

From: Miguel Wilkens

To: Lauren Alvarez

Subject: Recommendations to be considered

Dear Ms. Lauren,

I am aware of my schedule to meet you soon, and I am looking forward to seeing my new supervisor. I am excited to start a new business relationship with someone who has a good reputation and a great deal of achievements. In fact, I’ve been thrilled to work with a supervisor who is engaging, quick in decision making and well informed like you.I understand that you would like to meet me on Monday, October 14. However, my schedule is really tight – I think you understand how tasks may get out of hand sometimes for an analyst like me. I have a lot of reports that need to be written and submitted on the same day, and as you understand, deadlines for analysts’ reports are strict. I hope that after submitting those reports I may probably be free for a few days. Therefore, I suggest that we meet on October 16 if that is convenient for you. If not, I will be glad to receive your opinion.

Even before we meet, I would like to highlight to you some of the challenges we are facing in our company and some recommendations that may be considered to improve state of affairs in our business. One of the challenges is that the company incurs a lot of costs to run its business. Employees of the company also have some concerns about certain issues with their employment contract with the company. Salaries are low due to the high costs incurred by the company and gender balance still needs to be improved. Equal promotion opportunities should also be available to everyone regardless of race, gender or age. The number of working hours has also been large, and as you know, this strains employees and reduces their performance. As a result, the company fails to meet its objectives. Employees also require an opportunity to develop their careers and improve their skills through training and development.

I hope that when we meet on 16th, or another day that you may consider appropriate, we will get an opportunity to discuss these issues in depth and find solutions for our problems so that the company becomes a good and profitable place to work. Tech-Shield is doing well, but we still need to cultivate the culture of involvement and democracy in operations and decision making. For instance, analysts like me should be given an opportunity to interact, discuss issues and produce reports in teams. The supervisors should then provide moral, material and information support to help analysts succeed in their reports.

I am looking forward to sharing more ideas and discussing real issues of importance to our company with you. Let me know your opinion about our meeting date. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Miguel Wilkens

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