Supply Management Diploma KNEC Notes

KNEC Notes and Past Papers

Introduction to the Module Unit

Supply Management is a unit offered to diploma students in business related courses to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to be able to manage supplies efficiently in an organisation.

General Objectives

By the end of this module unit, the learner should be able to:

  • Explain the scope of supply management
  • Discuss the concept of integrated supply logistics
  • Outline the need for matching supply with demand
  • Recognize the importance of distribution planning in supply chain management
  • Identify the role of transport in supplies management

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KNEC Syllabus – Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Introduction to Supply Management

1.1. Scope of supply management

1.2. Planning for materials

1.3. Supply management liaison with other functions

1.4. Importance of supply management

Topic 2: Integrated Supply Logistics

2.1. Concept of supply logistics

2.2. Inbound, outbound and internal logistics

2.3. Concept of total cost and trade-offs

2.4. Added value concept in supply logistics

Topic 3: Matching Supply with Demand

3.1. Concept of matching supply and demand

3.2. Concept of inventory control

3.3. Inventory control system design

3.4. Inventory control systems

3.5. Measuring inventory control system efficiency

Topic 4: Storage of Supplies

4.1. Importance of storage supplies

4.2. Aspects covered in the construction of a warehouse

4.3. Aspects covered in designing storage system

4.4. Types of storage system

4.5. Store layout system

4.6. Techniques applied to measure warehouse system efficiency

Topic 5: Materials Handling

5.1. Importance of materials handling

5.2. Factors considered in devising a materials handling system

5.3. Aspects to be included in materials handling system

5.4. Materials handling systems

5.5. Challenges in devising materials handling system

Topic 6: Packaging

6.1. Role of packaging in supply operations

6.2. Factors considered when devising a packaging system

6.3. Aspects to be included in a packaging system

6.4. Types of packaging systems

6.5. Challenges in devising packaging system

Topic 7: Distribution Planning

7.1. Concept of distribution planning

7.2. Importance of distribution planning

7.3. Aspects covered when devising a distribution system

7.4. Monitoring and evaluating efficiency of a distribution system

7.5. Challenges in devising and evaluating distribution system

Topic 8: Transport

8.1. Meaning of transport

8.2. Essentials of transport

8.3. Modes of transport

8.4. Means of transport in Kenya

8.5. Factors that influence choice of a means of transport

8.6. Features of an efficient transport system

8.7. Role of transport in an economy

Topic 9: Emerging Issues and Trends in Supply Management

9.1. Emerging issues and trends in supply management

9.2. Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in supply management

9.3. Coping with challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in supply management

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