The Meaning of Employee Separation

remuneration and compensation

An employee works for an employer and gets paid for his work and nothing else. The relation of an employer and employee has a beginning; they stay together for a while and then they separate. Beginning of the relation is called as recruitment process or talent acquisition that passes through selection phase and followed by induction.

Staying together in the relation comprises the various phases such has performance management; career management; professional growth; development and etc. And the final stage of the relation is the separation.

So what is employee separation?

In the next section below we explain the meaning of employee separation as it pertains to a business organization.

Employee Separation is the process of ensuring that an employee who quits the company is exited in a structured and orderly manner.

The process of employee separation is taken quite seriously by many firms and there is a dedicated department to handle employee exits from the company.

“Separation of employment” is also broadly defined as the process of managing the termination of employment, whether involuntary (such as discharge, layoff, plant closure, disability or death) or voluntary (such as resignation, job abandonment or retirement.

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