Theory and Practice of Human Resource Management Module II KNEC Notes

Diploma in Human Resource Management KNEC Notes

Introduction to the Module Unit

Theory and Practice of Human Resource Management is a unit offered to students pursuing Diploma in Human Resource Management to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to apply the principles and practices of human resource management in an organization.

Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Performance Appraisal

1.1. Concept of Performance Appraisal

1.2. Performance Appraisal Process

1.3. Purpose of Performance Appraisal

1.4. Methods of Conducting Performance Appraisal

1.5. Benefits of Performance Appraisal

1.6. Challenges of Performance Appraisal

Topic 2: Training

2.1. Concept of Training – Meaning of Training and Development

2.2. Components of Training

2.3. Types and Methods of training used in an organisation

2.4. Importance of Training

Topic 3: Remuneration

3.1. Concept of Remuneration

3.2. Elements of remuneration policy

3.3. Types of remuneration systems

3.4. Factors influencing remuneration

3.5. Principles of Wage and Salary Administration

3.6. Statutory Deductions

3.7. Types of Pay Structures

3.8. Role of job evaluation in determining remuneration

Topic 4: Staff Welfare and Benefits

4.1. Concept of Staff Welfare and Benefits

4.2. Staff welfare and benefits policy

4.3. Welfare and benefits schemes

4.4. Procedure for administration of staff insurance schemes

4.5. Procedure for administration of retirement benefits schemes

Topic 5: Health and Safety

5.1. Importance of health and safety programmes in an organisation

5.2. Health and safety hazards in an organisation

5.3. Health and safety measures

Topic 6: Employee Separation

6.1. Meaning of Separation

6.2. Separation Methods

6.3. Separation Process

6.4. Factors that lead to employee separation

Topic 7: Employee Counselling

7.1. Concept of counselling

7.2. Counselling process

7.3. Approaches in employee counselling

7.4. Methods of employee counselling

7.5. Considerations in counselling programme

7.6. Qualities of a counsellor

7.7. Employee behaviour that may give rise to need for counselling

Topic 8: International Human Resource Management

8.1. Meaning of International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

8.2. Characteristics of IHRM

8.3. Human Resource Management Challenges in IHRM

8.4. Managing the challenges associated with IHRM

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