Trade Project in Motor Vehicle Engineering – Diploma KNEC Notes

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Introduction to the Module Unit

Trade project is a unit offered to diploma students in business related courses to equip them with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to carry out practical trade project in motor vehicle engineering.

Topics/Course Outline Required by KNEC

Topic 1: Introduction to Trade Project

1.1. Meaning of trade project

1.2. Types of project

1.3. Importance trade project

Topic 2: Methodology

2.1. Identification of the problem

2.2. Data collection

2.3. Analysis

2.4. Interpretation of data

2.5. Evaluation

2.6. Optimum Solution

Topic 3: Production of Working Drawing

3.1. Assembly drawing

3.2. Details of drawings

3.3. Parts lists

3.4. Sectional drawing

3.5. Bill of materials

Topic 4: Production of Project Parts

4.1. Machining

4.2. Fabrication

4.3. Finishing

Topic 5: Assembly Parts

5.1. Sub-Assembly

5.2. Complete assembly

5.3. Alignment

5.4. Functionality

5.5. Dimensions

Topic 6: Testing Procedures

6.1. Workmanship

6.2. Finishing

6.3. Functionality

Topic 7: Presentation of Completed Project

7.1. Labelling the project

7.2. Name tag

7.3. Index number

7.4. Date of presentation

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