Year 2 Unit: Applied Science II

Final Artisans in Electrical Course Outline – 1st Year

Final Artisans in Electrical Course Outline- 2nd Year

. Linear Motion
o Distance
o Displacement
o Speed
o Acceleration
o Velocity
o Scalar
o Vector

Moment of Force
o Forces on a particle
o Forces on a solid body
o Principles of Moments and its application in machines

• Friction
o Definition
o Causes of friction
o Advantages and disadvantages of friction
o Friction experiments

• Simple Machines
o Levers
o Pulleys
o Inclined plane
o Atmospheric Pressure

• Air
o Experimental determination of pressure
o Atmospheric Pressure
o Measurement of Pressure

• General Chemistry
o Experimental techniques
o Classification of matter
o Atomic structure
o Chemical bonding

• Pressure in Liquids
o Density
o Floatation
• Electrolysis and its use
o Principles of Electrolysis
o Electroplating
o Metal purification
o Corrosion

• Primary and Secondary Cells
o Construction of dry and wet cells
o Leclanche Cells
o Secondary Cells
o Lead Accumulator

• Thermal properties of matter
o State of Matter
o Change of state
o Heat transfer
o Expansion and Construction
o Energy principles
o Heat Engines (Motor Vehicle)
o Heating of water

o Magnetic and Non-magnetic materials
o Laws of Magnetism
o Magnetization and Demagnetization

• Electricity
o D. C and A. C
o Heating Effect of Current
o Sources of E. M. F
o Ring Main
o Measuring Instruments

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