How a student can make money in campus in Kenya

how to make money in campus in Kenya

As students pursue their dreams and quench their thirst for knowledge inside campus, they often have financial needs. They may be unable to keep up with the rising costs of living and tuition fees in the university. Students not only have immediate financial costs to cover, but also long term goals to achieve.

Accordingly, most university and college students in Kenya need a side hustle to earn extra income to supplement the money that their parents give them for fees and upkeep. The little money that students get from their parents or government funding are often not sufficient to cover food, fees, rent, printing costs, purchase of learning materials, clothing, and other necessaries.

This article will highlight some of the most profitable ideas that Kenyan students can implement to make money in campus.


Everyone is always good in some subjects or topics. As a student, you can make money in campus by tutoring your fellow students in campus in Kenya. You can also start tuition classes for high school and primary school students. With rising online platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp, you can even start your own online tutoring programmes and start making money in Campus.

Web Designing

Web design business is growing in popularity among university students in Kenya because many small businesses now need website to take advantage of the growing number of internet users. Starting web design in Kenya requires basic web and graphic design skills plus a stable internet connection and a computer. If you are a student in Kenya and you want to make money in campus, you can try designing websites for businesses and bloggers. You can start by learning how to start a web design business in Kenya and go for web design training. If you are interested in making money through website design in Campus perhaps the best place to look for customers is Fiverr, Upwork,, and other online platforms.

Freelancing and Online Writing

One of the most popular ways that students in Kenya use to earn income while in campus is through online writing. Nowadays there are so many customers looking for writers to create content for their websites, blogs, and research work. You can find freelancing jobs online through platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Reddit, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Students also make money in campus by writing academic papers.

Academic Writing Jobs

Academic writing is becoming popular among students in Kenya these days. To begin, join Academic Writing groups on Facebook and look for people who are advertising for writing jobs. You can also find academic writing jobs in Kenya by searching through Google Search engines. Some companies that have a steady flow of academic writing jobs include Academia Research, EssayShark, Writerbay, Bluecorp, Writers Hub, and Uvocorp. All you need to do is to open an account with any of these companies and start accessing jobs. However, it is difficult to get an account as a starter, so I advise you to look for someone who already has an account and he will train you and give you jobs to start with.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is also another good way of making money in Campus with a little capital. Online forex trading requires you to open a forex trading account with any reputable forex broker. You can make money in Kenya as a student in campus by depositing as low as KES 1000 into your forex account and using that money to make profits. Before trading, you need to learn how to analyze forex currencies and determine price movements in the forex market. The best place to start learning forex is or

Selling Items Online

University students in campus can also make extra income by selling consumer goods such as shoes, jewelry, clothing, sweets and biscuits, electronics, and accessories. This requires some capital to buy stock, which varies according to the type of items you want to sell. To make money by selling items in campus, you should first analyze your market to know what they need. You can make use of the free social media platform to market your products. Start selling to your friends and relatives and later grow through referrals.

Start Blogging

Students in Kenya can make passive money by developing their own blogs. This entails writing stuff on your area of expertise. Let’s say for example that you were good at mentoring people in your home church. You can pick up from there and start writing motivational topics on friendship, marriage, and relationships in general. This requires you to have a website where you can post your blogs every day and focus on attracting a large audience over time.

Design and Distribute Merchandise

If you have good or artistic skills, you can make money as a student in campus by coming up with your own merchandise and distributing them for money. For example, you can design t-shirts, bags, mugs, artworks, mats, and other items that are beneficial to customers. Start marketing such products to fellow students in campus and grow slowly to other markets. This method of making money as a student in Kenya is appropriate if you have skills and passion in designing things.

Start Selling Notes

Many students are always looking for school notes and past papers. You can make money in campus by writing good summarized notes and selling them to your classmates. You can also type and sell soft copies of your notes to platforms such as or


Clearly, there are so many ways through which students can make money in campus or university. Many students in Kenya have been earning extra income to supplement their budgets and meet their daily expenses. The above list of methods to make money in the university or college is not exhaustive. There are so many other ways, but the aforementioned have been tested and have proven to be among the best ways of making money as a student in Kenya.

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